MVP | Non-Profit-Bank

Hi, hope you are having a great day. This blog is to give you an idea of what this application (took me ten days to build) is all about.

The Idea:

Several foods and cloth banks are running around Nepal with the motive to provide food and clothes to the ones in need. So the idea is simple, make a platform to bring all those food, cloth banks around Nepal together.

The Problem:

A real problem with the idea is why do we even need something like this. Why would you even care if something like this exists? Why would anyone search this thing in google if they can contact the local bank and donate the items by themselves?

The Proposed Solution:

Each and every verified food bank and cloth bank will be listed on our web app. The banks will have authorized representatives for managing their accounts on our platform. Donors can visit the banks’ accounts, see their activities and choose a bank as per their wish at ease. Donors can even choose to create a profile on our web app. Donors will receive reputations from the banks for every donation that they made. This way they can build up their profile and earn a reputation from the donations that are made. The representative will be in charge of adding those donations to their respective bank.

This way, it will not only promote all the donation banks available around the country but also lures people to make more donations to build up their profile. Sharing the donations to social platforms are the next things to come but this is the MVP.


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